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This is part one in a series describing the tools and devices I use to mitigate distractions like suggested content and ads on the web. I enjoy listening to youtube videos to learn about science, computers, politics, and culture. Youtube is a great platform for this, but not without its flaws. My biggest complaints with Youtube are the following: video suggestions are not solely based on the video currently being watched, endless suggestions/content, listening to youtube videos requires the youtube app be open. This post will describe a solution to the last point.

Navigate to the zachstalks github page. This is a project I created that downloads the audio of a youtube video using youtube-dl then uploads the audio to the internet archive. This allows you to listen to youtube audio in a browser. This is my preferred method of listening to youtube talks as I can go to the gym or play basketball while listening to the talks on my phone without draining my phone's battery with the youtube app.

If you want to get started on using this project I recommend forking the repo and removing the "talks" section in unless you want to include the talks I already have uploaded.